About Us

This platform is designed to put a fulcrum and uplift the emerging artists from around the world and knit them into a community that not only promotes art but also creates a scope to move ahead as an artist and create impact.

Our prime motive is to rejuvenate the art forms that were blotted out between the cracks of commercial timelines and also the art forms that merely protrude from their existence. We are here to step up creation and topple the art supply chain upside down in order to redefine art, we are here to build collaborations that blind geographical boundaries and connect the dots, and we are here to just create imaginations.

Theeart Team

Abhineet Narang

Founder and CEO,

A Supply Chain graduate intrigued by global art industry, he wants to redefine the art space

Abhimanyu Narang

Senior Advisor,

CEO of Narang Group Indore, his experience ranges across various segments and industries

Hanisha Mirchandani

Consultant and Advisor,

With Hands on experience in HR, Business Development and Accountancy, she knows how to shape a business

Sonam Chauhan

Creative Director,

Architect by profession with an eye for detail, designing furniture and curation falls under her forte

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